What are the current construction costs? Construction costs depend on the size, the complexity of the structure, interior and exterior finishes, site condition and local jurisdiction requirements. What is needed to start the process? The site plan of your lot is very critical in selecting the proper house plan. We have existing house plans, or you may have your own. Most plans need to be modified for your lot and local code requirements. We have in house drafting/design services or you may hire an outside architect. Once plans and specification are complete, we price out the house exactly. Upon acceptance of the price we execute the construction contract, construction specifications and sign the plans. What about finance options? There are a number of local banks, national banks and savings and loans that provide construction permanent financing. Our contract has a draw schedule included, if you self-finance. How long does it take to build and complete the home? The length of time varies, depending on the size, complexity and location of the house. Typically a home would take 4 to 8 months with consideration for weather, code requirements and allowable working hours. What is the warranty? We offer a one-year warranty. Our contract provides for an option to purchase a warranty plan for an additional cost. Be aware that the majority of products going into the building of the home each carry warranties that vary in terms, but extend beyond the one-year period. What is your standard specification? Our standard specification is upgraded to reflect our needs to provide you a strong and lasting home. We have allowances for name brand upgraded cabinets, tops, appliances, etc. What is expected of the owner during construction? It is important that the owner make all their selections in a timely manner so as not to hold up the job. Advise us of any changes during construction prior to the phase of construction affected. Also see that all progress payments are forthcoming as they become due.